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Programme format

How you will learn and spend your time:


Course Duration:

The course duration is September to July.  The format will be a blend of self-directed learning, on the job training and one to one support.


Access to high quality training, coaching and mentoring:

All training has been designed by Teach First.  Recognised as outstanding by Ofsted, Teach First is the largest ITT Provider in England, having provided expert teacher training for over 20 years.


During your core school placement and the 6-week second school placement (term 3), you will be supported by a range of skilled and knowledgeable subject-specific mentors trained to provide support underpinned by research.  The mentors are experienced teachers who work in the Trust and have been selected due to their proven track record in delivering high quality teaching and are passionate about the profession and the development of new teachers.   Your lead mentor will deliver your training and oversee your progress throughout the year.


Your mentor also receives support and training from Teach First and us to ensure that they are briefed on the latest research and can tailor their coaching to suit your needs.


4 weeks of Intensive Training:

  • Starting in September, you will first receive 2-week intensive induction before starting your core placement.
  • These two weeks of intensive training will focus on the core areas of teaching including behaviour management and lesson planning
  • During the remainder of the programme, you will also receive 2 additional weeks of intensive training (1 week in January and 1 week in April)


Where you will spend your time:

After the first 2 weeks of intensive training, you will spend 4 days a week on core school placement with one day a week engaging in training and development in the form of lectures and events.


Once you start your placement, you will have weekly training sessions, designed by Teach First’s expert curriculum designers, and sequenced to ensure focus on the areas of teaching that are most relevant to that point in the academic year.


You will take part in six modules across the year – one per half term. In each module you will have self-directed study sessions, live seminars and time to collaborate with other trainees within your placement teaching school hub.


Your self-directed study session will cover a comprehensive range of topics:

  1. Subject knowledge and pedagogy
  2. An inclusive classroom environment
  3. Effective inclusive teaching
  4. Planning and curriculum
  5. Assessment


Live seminars will be held for each module and are tailored to whether the trainee is specialising in primary or secondary education. Each module will also include a full day conference which will focus on a combination of core curriculum and subject or phase specific content. The conferences also provide a great opportunity to meet other trainees on the programme.


Classroom based learning

Our research-led course will give you plenty of hands-on experience and our curriculum focuses on supporting you to put learning into practice, to have an impact on pupils during a four day a week core school placement.  You will spend your time with other expert teachers, observing their lessons and learning how to teach and plan lessons and throughout the year practise your own teaching. You will work closely and be supported throughout by a highly skilled and knowledgeable mentor.  Our mentors also receive support and training, underpinned by research, from Teach First.


Your weekly training day is designed in collaboration with Teach First’s expert curriculum designers to make sure you are focused on the areas of teaching that are most relevant to that point in the year. The training will include a mixture of online and face-to-face elements and will ensure that you develop the knowledge and skills you need to become a great teacher, gain your Qualified Teacher Status and your PGCE.  The programme balances developing your subject knowledge and expertise alongside giving you an understanding of effective teaching methods to manage your workload and wellbeing.


The programme also includes a 6-week placement in another school in the Spring Term. Here you will spend time working with children of a different age in our other LDST Academy Trust schools.  This may mean spending time in a nursery, a primary school, a secondary school or in post-16, depending on your specialism. These experiences will ensure you have a broad experience of teaching and further prepare you for your future career as a teacher.

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